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Smuggler’s Bounty – The Last Jedi – Subscription Box


Closes COB November 15 2017, ETA late December 2017/early January 2018

Popbot brings you the LATEST Smuggler’s Bounty Boxes shipped to your door – in Australia!

As you all know, these boxes are not licensed for territories outside of USA/Canada, which leaves Aussies out in the cold! Fear not, for we will bring them in for you.

These boxes will be packed with great EXCLUSIVE stuff, such as Pops, Dorbz, Comic Books, and Apparel (usually a t-shirt but sometimes something else). Everything is 100% exclusive to the box and cannot be bought retail anywhere else! There are spoilers for this one out there (provided by Funko) and believe us you will not want to miss this one!

Don’t pay over $100 for the exclusive Pop on eBay when you can get the entire box shipped to your door for less!

T’s and C’s and Frequently Asked Questions

Obviously there’s many MANY miles that these boxes will need to travel to get here, and 99.9% of the distance is with carriers outside of our control, so our usual policies regarding pristine arrivals do not apply. The boxes are built like tanks are very good at their purpose, but over hundreds of boxes we have seen one or two cases where the box has been perfect, but an item inside has been damaged.

We do not open boxes at all unless the tshirt size is unclear or the label has been damaged.

Important: If your product boxes are damaged but the Pop inside is undamaged Funko will not replace the item. We will always try to fight for our customers, but this is something we’ve come up against in the past and it’s simply company policy on their part. There is nothing we can do in these situations.

Shipping is included in the price of the box. If you add standard products such as pops to your order you will be charged shipping – this is so we can send the other products to you right away (or when they come out) and they don’t have to wait for the subscription box to come down from the USA.

We know it sounds like a lot, but allow five weeks. The general timeline works as follows:

1. Funko close off purchases for the box, and then prepare the mailing process. This can take a week, and sometimes longer.
2. As the boxes start arriving at our US office, we ship them down in bulk quantities, around 14 boxes per shipment. Allow another week to reach this stage.
3. The boxes then make their way down to Australia, this takes around 5-8 business days.
4. As they arrive at our office we label and send them off to you!

We used to allow this, but this is no longer possible. Funko do not reopen the boxes for purchase until after the next box goes on sale, and this creates unacceptable delays in shipping times that we have found unsatisfactory to past customers. On occasion we will grab some extra boxes and they will be listed right here as “in stock” after the closing date, but once they are gone, they are gone! If you want this box, order it before the closing date, it’s the only way to be sure!

Don’t forget to pick a t-shirt size!

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