Hi folks!

We’ve received a load of updates from our suppliers and our shipping partners regarding their operations for the short term, and they MAY change things to operations for the short term. We want you guys to have the best information available to assist you when purchasing, and we’ll be 100% transparent with you as we always are!

We always have a pre-order banner on items that are up for pre-order. Our suppliers NEVER tell us if this pre-order date has slipped backwards, and we usually only find out when a customer contacts us asking where their item is. We share your frustrations here, we’d love to receive this information from a proactive supplier, but it just doesn’t happen (with the exception of Pokemon TCG products – their supplier is A+++++!)

As such, please be advised that pre-order dates are accurate as of initial launch information, and we do our best to keep those current. Our supplier has advised us that in 2022 these dates are very likely to be affected even more than usual due to COVID-related impacts on production and shipping. SO – if you see a pre-order date that differs from other stores and seems too good to be true, please contact us first and we will personally check with the supplier to get the up-to-the-minute ETA for you.

So far our time from order to shipping is fairly unaffected, however when it comes to resupply of stock we are finding our Funko supplier is taking about an extra 2 days from stock order to shipping, and Startrack are taking an additional day to get that stock into our hands.

This won’t affect most things, but it will definitely affect new stock coming in upon release, to the tune of a couple of days. Nothing crazy.

You may find that orders take an extra day or so to arrive once they’ve left us. We’re not going to slam Auspost, they’ve been pretty good in our experience, but it wouldn’t be a surprise to see them affected at some point.

Hopefully this information helps, as always we are happy to answer any questions either via a message sent from our FB page, or just email us anytime!