if you have pre-order items in your order your shipment will not leave until all items are in stock. We often shuffle things around for customers who have multiple orders in with differing release dates, but this is not always possible during peak times.

WE CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH – If you require in-stock items urgently, we advise that you create a separate order for the pre-order items. Funko have been known to push release dates back without notice and this can cause a lot of frustration that we have zero control over.

Orders that contain pre-ordered items that are continuously pushed back by Funko are extremely frustrating for customers and our staff, and we are never given notice that these items are being pushed back – often the first we hear of it is when we are following an order up for a customer at their request.

Moral of the story – it is ALWAYS better to separate in-stock items orders and pre-orders. If you are in any doubt about the current availability of a product please use the contact form on the bottom-right of the website anytime and we’ll be happy to provide you with any information you require.

Unlike most retailers we will not penalise a customer for cancelling a pre-order before the item is released. However, after the item is released it falls into “change of mind” and as such our regular cancellation and restocking policies will apply.


In cases where items have been either mistakenly sent or if items arrive damaged we are very happy to organise a return for you (shipping back to us won’t cost you anything) and, if available, we’ll get the correct or undamaged item out to you as soon as possible.

If an item is out of stock and can’t be replaced, we will happily refund the purchase amount (and if the damaged item is the only item we shipped to you we will also refund your shipping).

Popbot does not offer refunds for change of mind. This includes scenarios where you made a mistake with the items you ordered, or if you no longer wish to wait for an order containing pre-ordered items and in-stock items. We will never penalise or charge a customer for cancelling pre-ordered items and happily refund those costs, and at the time of pre-order cancellation we will ship any in-stock items.

In the event you would like to return your item for another product or store credit, the customer is liable for any and all shipping costs associated. The item must be returned in exactly the same condition it was received by the customer.

You must contact Popbot to discuss any issues within 30 days of receiving your item(s). Popbot reserves the right to refuse any return of a product due to change of mind.


Unlike many retailers we will not penalise a customer for cancelling a pre-order provided it is cancelled before the item is released in Australia and we have paid for stock.

However, all cancellations of in-stock items will be subject to a 10% restocking fee.

Any other questions?

Email us any time at, use the contact form at the bottom-right corner, or send us a private message via our Facebook page. All of these contact methods are monitored almost around the clock so we will do our very best to get back to you ASAP.