Please read the following points carefully – these points have been created to answer pretty much every question we’ve been asked over the years, so the information below should answer any questions you may have. If you have any other questions please contact us, we’d be delighted to answer anything you might need to know!

We take our Pop! Vinyl and other collectibles VERY seriously, and we know you do too. So rather than risk theft, damage, and other postal mishaps ALL of our shipments are handled by Auspost eParcel and we require all deliveries to be signed for unless you specifically request us to leave it at the door.

This means your delivery is packed with love and care and shipped direct to your door, trackable, insured against damage, and fast!

We have created our own custom boxes that are thicker than others on the market, and we are constantly experimenting with our box supplier in the hope of improving them even more. In the case of shipments that are too large to use our custom boxes we double-box and buffer them with newspaper. You’ll open your package and won’t believe how ridiculously protected things are 🙂

Please note that if you choose to waive our standard requirement for a signature we will have no recourse with Auspost should your item go missing.

1. When can I expect my delivery?

Excellent question! There are a few variables involved, but as a rule the following guidelines apply:

– if the item is in stock at our store, we’ll usually have it on its way within a few business days. This time will vary based on the time of year, and when peak periods occur this can change.

– if the item isn’t at the store, but is in stock at the warehouse, allow a few more days for them to process the order and get it to us. Sometimes we’re forced to do this if a box is damaged and we didn’t notice it when putting it on the shelf, or if the item is uncommon or from a more obscure line that we don’t hold in regular stock

– if the item is out of stock at the warehouse we’ll contact you with some options. Our stock is synced with that of the warehouse several times per week, so generally speaking you won’t find items on our site that are vaulted or discontinued unless we have physical stock on our shelves.

– at times there are massive demands on our resources – often due to sales, or during peak periods around the big conventions and associated releases (eg ECCC, SDCC, NYCC, etc). While these times don’t generally delay shipment schedules outside of the maximum 7 business days we use as our internal “worst case scenario” for getting shipments out, they can slow things down compared to our regular shipping times.

You should expect to see an email with shipping notification and tracking details no later than 7 business days from the time of your order – if it has taken longer than that, please contact us ASAP!

If you have a specific deadline you need to meet with your order, please contact us via livechat (bottom right of the website), Facebook Messenger, or email to let us know and and we’ll confirm with you that it is possible. We will go to the ends of the earth for our customers to meet your important deadlines, and often upgrade to Express Post if that is what it takes.

2. Orders containing pre-ordered items

if you have pre-order items in your order your shipment will not leave until all items are in stock. We often shuffle things around for customers who have multiple orders in with differing release dates, but this is not always possible during peak times.

WE CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH – If you require in-stock items urgently, we advise that you create a separate order for the pre-order items. Funko have been known to push release dates back without notice and this can cause a lot of frustration that we have zero control over.

Orders that contain pre-ordered items that are continuously pushed back by Funko are extremely frustrating for customers and our staff, and we are never given notice that these items are being pushed back – often the first we hear of it is when we are following an order up for a customer at their request.

Moral of the story – it is ALWAYS better to separate in-stock items orders and pre-orders. If you are in any doubt about the current availability of a product please use the contact form on the bottom-right of the website anytime and we’ll be happy to provide you with any information you require.

Unlike most retailers we will not penalise a customer for cancelling a pre-order before the item is released. However, after the item is released it falls into “change of mind” and as such our regular cancellation and restocking policies will apply.

3. What happens if my delivery is damaged?

First and most important thing – don’t panic! We understand that it’s terrible to receive damaged items and we hate to see it happen, but rest assured that we stand behind our boxes and our packing skills, and we back all shipments with insurance to cover anything that happens during the transit.

We take the condition of our deliveries VERY seriously, and go to great effort and expense to have them reach you in absolutely perfect condition every time. If the box that your shipment came in (the outer box, not the Pop)  is damaged, tell the driver at the time and send us a photo. This helps us out a lot with our insurance and warranty claim.

If you open up our box and the contents are damaged, again please take photos for us documenting the damage and email us right away. The sooner you get in touch, the sooner we can get the insurance claim going (to help us) and the sooner we can sort out returns and replacements (to help you).

We’ll make sure you get your mint condition item, even if the worst happens we’ll take care of you whenever possible.

4. Returns

In cases where items have been either mistakenly sent or if items arrive damaged we are very happy to organise a return for you (shipping back to us won’t cost you anything) and, if available, we’ll get the correct or undamaged item out to you as soon as possible.

If an item is out of stock and can’t be replaced, we will happily refund the purchase amount (and if the damaged item is the only item we shipped to you we will also refund your shipping).

Popbot does not offer refunds for change of mind. This includes scenarios where you made a mistake with the items you ordered, or if you no longer wish to wait for an order containing pre-ordered items and in-stock items. We will never penalise or charge a customer for cancelling pre-ordered items and happily refund those costs, and at the time of pre-order cancellation we will ship any in-stock items.

In the event you would like to return your item for another product or store credit, the customer is liable for any and all shipping costs associated. The item must be returned in exactly the same condition it was received by the customer.

You must contact Popbot to discuss any issues within 30 days of receiving your item(s). Popbot reserves the right to refuse any return of a product due to change of mind.

5. Other important items to note

Sometimes our supplier provides us with incorrect or missing product shots. Other times the image provided may display a sticker. We do not guarantee stickers until such time as we have the product in our hands to personally inspect it, and if we have inspected it and can definitively confirm we will do so. Sometimes item colours and designs may differ from that on the listing. If there is no confirmation text on a product listing confirming that the item is stickered, then purchase assuming it is NOT.

We will not under any circumstances exchange or refund items based on whether or not the item is stickered unless we have made a mistake and stated the item is stickered when it is not.

If in doubt, we urge you to contact us before purchase, as we do not offer exchanges or refunds if you order the wrong item.

6. Convention Exclusives

Several times per year we have special events for larger conventions (eg ECCC, SDCC, NYCC). These conventions often have exclusive collectables that are shared in small amounts with retailers around the world. During these events we strictly enforce a limit of ONE of EACH ITEM per household. If attempts are made to bypass these limits we reserve the right to cancel ALL orders to the address in question at our discretion.

We’ve recently become a target for bots that attempt to snipe convention exclusives or otherwise desirable items for resale. We have adopted a zero tolerance stance to bots.

Rest assured we know who the shipping forwarders are, and all orders can easily be identified as human or bot by the various characteristics of the transaction. If we have reason to suspect your order was made by a bot we will delete it and ban your name, IP address, and email account from our website. If this happens there will be no correspondence entered into – we love our legitimate customers and will ruthlessly protect their right to receive the best possible shopping experience possible.

Unless we specifically say otherwise on our listing ALL convention exclusives are limited to ONE PER CUSTOMER PER ORDER. Any excess purchases over and above that number will be cancelled and refunded.

No exceptions – we understand items are limited and care only about our legitimate customers getting what they want. Your reselling/flipping is not our concern.

7. Overseas Shipments

We ship to Australia and New Zealand ONLY. If you reside in another country and elect to use a third-party reshipper we have no control over the method in which your parcel is stored and reshipped and are not responsible for the condition in which it arrives after its additional travel.

We spare no expense on shipping and insurance to our Australian and New Zealand destinations to ensure they reach you in tip-top shape, and we cannot guarantee that same level of care from other parties and will not be responsible for any damages.

It is for this reason we discourage use of reshippers and we will refund and ban such addresses when they are flagged in our system.

8. Cancellations

Unlike many retailers we will not penalise a customer for cancelling a pre-order provided it is cancelled before the item is released in Australia and we have paid for stock.

However, all cancellations of in-stock items will be subject to a 10% restocking fee.

9. Stickers

If a listing doesn’t explicitly mention that there is a sticker on there, then assume it won’t be stickered. Australia is extremely fortunate to receive most of the US exclusives, but the trade-off is that they won’t be stickered as per the US versions, because more often than not the stores in question don’t even exist in Australia. Occasionally we’ll get stock that has slipped through the cracks and has stickers, but it’s very VERY rare.

We will not under any circumstances exchange or refund items based on whether or not the item is stickered unless we have made a mistake and stated the item is stickered when it is not.

If you have any doubts or questions about the sticker on a particular item whether it’s Shared vs Convention Floor stickers, US store exclusives, or anything at all please contact us in advance of purchase. We are 100% honest and transparent in our dealings and will let you know exactly what the situation is.

10. Chase Policy

We believe chases are one of the best thrills in the collecting game, and as such we strictly enforce our processes to keep all chases completely random in selection. There’s no preference shown, they cannot be reserved, and they cannot be purchased for a higher price. All customers will receive the same legitimate 1 in 6 chance to receive a chase item for those figures that come with that possibility.

We also tell you if the chase has been claimed! That’s right, if you see an item that has a chase chance sitting in our Clearance Sale section of the site, that’s our signal to you that the chase is gone. Why hunt for a chase that has already been sold? If you are buying with us, we want you to know that the chance is still available to you.

Will I receive a chase if I buy two of an eligible item? Maybe! It’s certainly possible. We’ll pull the first one off the shelf, and then we’ll pull the second one off the shelf. So there’s a 1:6 chance first time, and a 1:5 chance the second time.

Will buying two of an item guarantee a chase? Absolutely not. We cannot stress this enough. The odds are the odds as we have very clearly stated.

But I really really really want the chase and don’t want to pay $60 for it at another retailer! Well you’re in luck! At Popbot we allow customers to buy 6 of an eligible item and guarantee the chase, and not only that, we do it at a deep discount where you’re paying less than the price of 5! Contact us if this is something you’d like to do for an item.

Our chase policy is (in our opinion) the best one in the game, and one that guarantees a fair chance for all customers. If you don’t agree with us then PLEASE let us know how we can further improve it!

11. Any other questions?

Email us any time at, use the contact form at the bottom-right corner, or send us a private message via our Facebook page. All of these contact methods are monitored almost around the clock so we will do our very best to get back to you ASAP.