Popbot Black Friday!

Hey everyone!

It’s that time of year when BLACK FRIDAY hits the internet and deals are done, and we’re getting in on the act!

Until Saturday you can get any standard Pop! Vinyl for only $16! We’ll also be randomly selecting orders and packing some surprises inside! You could get a NYCC exclusive, a SDCC exclusive, a Pocket Pop Keychain, or something else that we think is cool!

All you have to do is point your browser to http://popbot.com.au, grab as many Pops as you like, and use the code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout before MIDNIGHT on Saturday morning. That is, 12.00AM on Saturday, November 28th.

The fine print: this applies to standard Pops only. NFL Pops, Exclusives, and Super size Pops are excluded from this sale. We may have forgotten to set some of them up correctly though, so you might sneak through and get a small discount on other items if you’re lucky!